WilliamsLea | Tag
WilliamsLea | Tag is an international organization that supports companies in their need for branding and designs.
This is the basic Williams Lea logo icon.
This is an online banner ad invite for a 'games night' event.
This is the back of a 'slick' for a golfing event with Tag.
This is the front of a 'slick' for a golfing event with Tag.
The front of a brochure for Williams Lea.
This is the design the quarterly European internal trade magazine EMEA Focus. This layout was completed in InDesign using automated index and page numbers.
This is America's Focus, the American version the Williams Lea trade magazine.
This is a design for a napkin that was hosted by a golf club/organization that sponsored a seminar 'Realizing brand potential'. I came up with the 'almost-there' design
These are brochures translated into Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.
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