Below are several one-off projects that I had a great deal of pleasure creating and still revere.
Dr. Geeks PC Repair
I was given the honor to create this logo and brand for a local PC repair shop.
Their main logo.
My diagnosis is.....
Time of an inoculation.
Meet the ailing PC.
Dr. Geek looking at an 'X-Ray' of a sickly computer.
Greenbriar Christmas Party Invite
This is an invite for a cocktail party at the Greenbriar Resort.
The icons convey, Greenbriar, Cocktails, Christmas & You.
Back of  the card.
Inside left-hand.
That actual specifics of the party.
Heavy Water Special Edition Beer
This is a series of paper labels for a special run of beer created to commemorate the historic anniversary 'heavy water' for the atom bomb in WWII was fabricated in Morgantown, WV.
Shaft Drillers International Patches
These are various patch designs for the Lake Mead Project in a major project in Lake Mead.
Bandits Basketball Team Logo
The Bandits Basketball Team. this was a little cartoon created for a highschool team.
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